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Nkiruka Arene, MD

Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation & Pain Management, Brain Injury/TBI & Brain Injury Medicine in Bel Air, MD

Nkiruka Arene, MD

Nkiruka Arene, MD, is the medical director at Wellspring Clinic in Bel Air, Maryland. She is also the chief physician, board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Dr. Arene is also trained in the latest pain management and recovery therapies. 

After seven years as a physician and academic at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, Dr. Arene decided to take her knowledge and experience in treating pain and disability into the community. She combines her concern for all aspects of the care and health of her patients with her expertise in the field, allowing patients the highest possible level of recovery and mobility.

Dr. Arene is experienced in managing rehabilitation issues in conjunction with the patient's primary care physician and physical therapists. It's this dedication and concern for the suffering of others that fueled her desire to bring a comprehensive system of care to the community. The staff at the Wellspring Clinic share this desire, which shows in the compassion and care they provide to all of their patients.